Sleep is a perfectly constructed function of human biology that has enabled us to evolve into the complex, highly intelligent and social beings that we are today. It is a precious asset that you need to nurture to be your best self. While many factors impair our ability to sleep, stress is one of the main culprits that inhibits sleep and prevents us from getting the quality and duration our bodies need to repair and rejuvenate. Mindfulness practice helps to create a positive habit to be more peaceful, serene and calm.

          WHY YOU NEED A

             SLEEP COACH

Sleeping can seem so hard when it just won’t come. You lie awake, waiting, waiting and waiting.  After many nights like this, you might give up on ever getting a full night’s sleep. But, let me reassure you, finding it hard to sleep doesn’t mean you are a bad sleeper or have to put up with disrupted nights forever. I have helped people sleep well again, who have been sleeping badly for months, even years. 



My approach. As part of the Saraja Sleep Course team, I work with an evidence-based method, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Isomnia (CBT-I). This is a multi-component approach in which techniques from -amongst others- positive psychology, RET, mindfulness and ACT are combined with specific sleep-related interventions. We focus on sleep-disrupting elements related to our habits, our mind and relaxation and help you rebuild trust in your ability to sleep well. It works because of the combination of proven tools and techniques for sleeping better, with a personalised approach: guidance, support and motivation.

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Being stuck inside during a period of unemployment or self-quarantine, or even a rainy family holiday, can make you feel like climbing the walls. It can also lead to the kinds of friction and stress that make it hard for you and other family members to get good-quality sleep. So, what can you do to improve your chances of a good night’s sleep?

    Improved Habits

We begin by looking at your habits and how you can make small changes that will greatly improve your sleep. Sleep coaching takes a holistic view and seeks to understand your personal situation, motivation and drivers, so that we create a personalised sleep plan that really works.



Your body and mind need to be able to relax to fall asleep and stay asleep. In your sleep coaching journey you will learn more about relaxation techniques: how to use them at night and during the day to help your body and mind learn to relax and sleep soundly again.

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   A Positive Mindset

The mind has a powerful influence over how you sleep. In sleep coaching, we explore how your mindset, beliefs, or associations with sleep, might be stopping you getting the sleep that you need, and help you build a more positive relationship with sleep.