Iris Elbertse

I am a qualified adult sleep therapist, working at Saraja Sleep Course. I have been guiding people in their personal development and career since 2007 as a trainer and coach with both personal and corporate clients. After graduating Integrative Psychotherapy and discovering the power of sleep, in 2014, I started working with individuals and companies to improve their sleep and awareness and improve productivity. I help people how to sleep well and completely naturally by making positive changes in their lives. I believe that we can find harmony in our busy modern lives by getting the simple things right.


I use the technique 'Cognitive restructuring' to rehabilatate inaccurate or dysfunctional thoughts about sleep which may lead to behaviors that make sleep more difficult. For example, prior experiences of insomnia may lead to worry about falling asleep. This worry may lead to spending excessive time in bed to try to force sleep. Both worry and excessive time in bed can make falling and staying asleep more challenging. This can become a frustrating, nightly cycle. Cognitive restructuring breaks this cycle. Thoughts and beliefs that contribute to insomnia are identified, challenged, and altered with the help of therapy.

Iris Elbertse

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